Established - a fine jewelry line handmade in Los Angeles

"Gold on the outside makes them green on the inside."

Created in both 14k & 18k rose/white/and yellow gold, the line IS designed to make everyone “Established” by producing accessible, yet exceptional fine jewelry pieces. All designs that contain precious stones are made in 18k gold, while those without gems are made in 14k gold.

Designer Nikki Erwin has had a love for jewelry as far back as she can remember. As the first employee at Jennifer Meyer’s eponymous jewelry line in 2004, Nikki honed in on the skills needed to run a successful luxury business and began creating single custom pieces for herself. Her very first design was a bold double finger knuckle ring (now a staple of her line).

These unique custom pieces quickly became coveted, and Nikki realized her edgy designs were something that was missing in the fine jewelry market. Thus, she began curating her own collection by accumulating her original pieces from over the years, and filling out the collection with complimentary new designs. After a year of editing the collection, ESTABLISHED launched in the Spring of 2015.

Since then, ESTABLISHED has become a noteworthy player in the fine jewelry market, owned and worn by a variety of well known public figures, tastemakers, and a loyal clientele. ESTABLISHED’s design direction is unexpected and occasionally naughty, yet somehow transcends trends.

I pride myself on taking risks, speaking my mind, and establishing my voice,” says Nikki. She hopes that Established allows you to do the same.